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Nothing a can of spray paint can’t cure

Sometimes restoration or repurposing is not about finding a big piece of furniture to strip, sand, and refinish or turning buckets into stools (although that’s a cool idea I’m thinking of trying). As I’ve said before, it’s not always that deep. Sometimes you just need a pop of color in your life. I know I do! In my DIY imagination, there’s not much a can of spray paint can’t cure. LOL!

Case in point: As a writer and editor who deeply cherishes her MacBook and iPad, I also have a great love for the original apparatuses of my field, i.e. good ole’ pen and paper and the typewriter. So I’ve recently decided I would start collecting old typewriters…not necessarily to use but as a reminder that there was a time when efficiency and convenience didn’t trump quality or process. My first piece is an old Smith Corona I found at a vintage shop on South Street (Philly). It used to be that dingy, sickly, hospital gray-green color until, of course, I attacked it with a can of red gloss spray paint and Voila! A super cool start to my collection.


So how can you add some color to your favorite space? Could a hot pink dresser bring you joy? What about some bright, yellow pillows on your couch? Do it and let me know how it works out.

And of course, keep creating!!

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