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Black Hole Be Gone!

So sitting ominously in one corner of our living room was what I called ‘the black hole.’ It was the darkest area of the room so unless it was a sunny day and all the blinds were opened wide OR one was interested in a kind of perpetual movie night, it was never fun to sit over there. My initial thought was to just run out and buy a funky little lamp that could sit on the large window sill. Easy, breezy, right?


It’s more fun to make stuff. 🙂

So I thought, how could I make some lighting that would brighten up that corner of the room but still keep in step with my eclectic, global décor?

The answer came to me while Hubby, Sugarplum and I were browsing antique stores and getting in some rest and relaxation at Sandy Cove, MD. Every store had these trendy bottles and jugs filled with Christmas lights. The jars were tall and skinny, short and fat, and everything in-between. Some bottles were painted on, stenciled or decorated with all kinds of ribbons and others just allowed the bottle itself to be the only the decoration.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

I had my idea.

I remembered that I had a huge glass jug in one of my cabinets that originally contained apple juice but I’d initially saved to make sun tea. Now it would be my funky light.

So I pulled out the jug, cleaned it, and began stuffing it with clear white Christmas lights. It was cool, but I thought, how can I trick this out more?

So I pulled out some gold, metallic acrylic paint and smudged it all over the jug to give it a cloudy effect. This also dimmed the light a bit and made the perfect bright-but-not-too-bright addition to the cozy room.

Thanks to my iPhone blocking everything around the object you’re shooting, this is not the best pic (will post  a better pic soon). It still looks black hole-ish here but I promise you, it’s super cool in person. 🙂


I think I’m going to glue some twine around the top portion of the jug just to give it an earthier flavor that will work well with the other stuff in the room.

Woo-Hoo! No more black hole!

What do you think? Be nice. 😉

As always…Keep Creating!



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