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Go Big or Go…to Bed?

I love my small DIY projects. The jar turned lamp. The pot rack made from brackets and a curtain rod (coming soon). But as much as I love my small projects…I love the big stuff too. The patio bench. The wingback chair and most recently, the King Size Farmhouse Bed my hubby and I tackled over the course of a weekend plus three days.

We went IN on this one!  🙂

Any DIY project I attempt usually ends up being a cathartic experience for me. I learn so much about myself and my relationships. Some of it is good. Wonderful teaching lessons that could only come from God Himself. Some stuff I uncover though is incredibly hard to “see.”  Whichever it is, the process of restoration and/or repurposing never fails to reflect where I am in a given moment. This was no exception.

Let’s just say Hubby and I have two…ahem…different ways of approaching projects. Neither is wrong. But we are polar opposites in our work styles which often can be (and is) a recipe for conflict. However, the great beauty in this particular project was found in how we eventually had to learn to accommodate each other. I feel comfortable saying that we both don’t do that well. Me being the worse. But working together taught us something. The art of extending grace. When I wanted to rush through certain aspects of the work, overly- committed to my plan to get it done, he was there to extend grace to me and say, “Let’s take our time with it. It will still be here tomorrow or the next day.” Grrrr! <—Just kidding. And when he was uncertain and a little less confident about our efforts to tweak the plans to fit our needs, I was…ahem…forced (yes, I said forced) to extend grace to him and say, “Hey, let’s not stop. We can do this.”

It wasn’t easy.

But we did it.

And I’m so incredibly proud of what we created.


A fantastic King Sized Farmhouse Bed that I painted in Norway Aqua and antiqued with Minwax Provincial Stain to give it that shabby chic/old house feel. I love, love, love it.

And of course, we got the plans from the super fabulous Ana White over HERE.

Here’s some of our process:

Yes all that wood was destined to become our bed!
Those darn pocket holes!
Well we have a headboard!
And somewhere in here…my hubby built the frame. Gotta find those pics!
Now the fun part. I struggled with this color. At first I thought I should just stain the wood a pretty brown and black. But then I said NAH! Let’s really do something creative! Found this blue antiqued headboard over at Grand Design and I just fell in love. So I did it.

Once we get some equally beautiful bedding, I’ll post a final, final pic.

I’m super happy with this! Your thoughts?

Big stuff or small stuff…Keep Creating!

6 comments on “Go Big or Go…to Bed?

  1. Tarice
    August 8, 2013

    So proud of you guys for a connection while building this gorgeous bed!

  2. S Avery
    August 8, 2013

    great job!

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