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Finally…a Pot Rack!

So I’ve been talking about this pot rack I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. Key words: talking about. LOL! It wasn’t that I hadn’t gotten the materials. I’ve had the brackets, the curtain rod and the S-hooks for months now. My biggest obstacle (besides my proclivity for procrastination)? Stubborn drywall. I think I must have put a million holes in the wall trying to drill the screws for the brackets into the stud. Finally, hubby stepped in and after purchasing some anchors, we…[cough] he..popped those brackets right into the wall this weekend. 

So in an ideal HGTV-inspired world, I would have a pot rack over the large peninsula we have in our kitchen. But we have this weirdly placed pendant lighting that would be totally in the way. So after some research online, I found out that you can make a pot rack for a side wall by just buying brackets at the hardware store, inserting a curtain rod and using S hooks for hanging. And so I/we did it. Here are some pics.




Okay, so I still have to putty and paint over the mistakes I made in the wall, and I want to repaint the brackets because the spray paint I used is chipping a little bit now…but other than that, I must say, I like it. And the best thing is, I’ve freed up some much needed storage. Woo-Hoo!


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