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The Dresser Lesson

Far too often we wait entirely too long to deal with certain aspects of our lives. Just like some of the furniture I pick up at a yard sale or flea market, we have scratches and dents in our attitudes; we have peeling paint personalities; we have a ratchet relationship or two or four. And the crazy thing is, we know the problem is there and sometimes, we even know how to fix it. But instead of addressing our issues and restoring that aspect of our lives, we let it sit and sit and sit.

And sit.

Finally, through prayer, through being sick and tired of being sick tired, or maybe through that final argument with the person you love, we realize that it’s been too long. And we finally begin to do “the work.”

The funny thing is, when we are on the other side of things, we often look back and say, “Man, I wasted so much time. I wish I’d addressed that years earlier.” We realize how much heartache we might have saved ourselves if we’d been ready to make a change long before our “come to Jesus” moment.

Fortunately, the amazing grace of our Creator allows us to stand in the present and despite what we could’ve, should’ve, done…be grateful for the changes that we made today. To take in the beauty of our today.

This is the lesson I drew from the restoration process of this latest DIY project. I’d bought this dresser nearly five years ago from a young girl in the apartment complex I was living in at the time, who happened to be moving out of state. I saw the potential in the piece; the craftsmanship in the wood beyond the layers of yucky paint and the scratches and dents. After year one, I kept saying I would sand it down and either stain or paint it but of course, like many areas of my life, I made plenty of excuses. I simply never got around to doing anything with it.


Until recently.

The dresser was sanded and then painted in the same Norway Aqua color that I painted the Farmhouse Bed, Hubby and I made. I then distressed it with the sander and some Minwax provincial stain. 


Now that I’ve addressed it and I look at the new piece, OF COURSE I wish I would have worked on it years ago instead of allowing it to be an eyesore in our bedroom. But at the end of the day, by the grace of God, it’s done and I’m grateful.


Keep Creating,



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