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The Ultimate Desk Project

So it’s New Years Eve and I’m posting my final DIY project for 2013. I’m so excited about some of the things I have planned for 2014. I’m going to be working from home more so I’ll have more time to plot and plan the various improvements I want to make. *Shhh! Don’t tell my Hubby!*

So every writer needs a space to create. A place where they can talk to themselves and have their characters talk back to them. LOL! I have visions of one day having what I call a “Creative Suite.” This would be a colorful, eclectic artistic playground where I’d have a beautiful writing nook, a place to paint and do my DIY stuff, and possibly even room to host an impromptu poetry reading or open mic. Whew! That would be awesome.

But right now, I’m working with a standard bedroom-sized office…and I’m good with that. In said office, I had a desk that I was not fond of and therefore, I rarely wrote there. When I bought the cheap, Sauder-ish, corner desk with a million shelves, I thought, “This is a great writers desk.” But it wasn’t. Not. At. All. LOL!

Why? Well first of all, I didn’t need a million shelves because I had plenty of bookshelves already in the room. I actually needed more table room. Space for all the papers I have to grade as an adjunct professor; to see the manuscripts I’m editing; to spread out notecards that chronicle the plot points of my novels; stack magazines and printouts and other nondescript paper. As much as I love my MacBook, the truth is, I use a LOT of paper still.

So I got an idea to build a very large farmhouse-style table that would serve as the ULTIMATE desk. Something that was solid wood, rugged, and very Restoration Hardware-ish. It would be the centerpiece of an office space that I’m slowly but surely  transforming.

Guess what?

With the help of Hubby, we built it!


Take a look at the journey!

photo 5
So of course, it began with my trip to Lowes. This time, I went by myself to get all the wood I needed. Boy, did that seem to shake up all the men in that section. I found myself cracking up laughing when I was walking down the lumber aisle and a guy walking toward me–looked like he was a contractor–said, “Ooo-wee, a lady CAR-penter” in a very Bahamian accent. LOL!

photo 1-1

Got the wood home and began laying it out to see just how long the desk would be. I did have everything pre-cut at Lowes but it’s still good to lay everything out before going screwdriver happy.

In all honesty, the desk ended up sitting like this for a few weeks because…well, life happened. And…I almost lost it trying to get the screw through the 2×4 legs (yes, I pre-drilled holes. no, that didn’t make a difference.)

photo 2

Called in the calvary, i.e., Hubby…and the legs are on!

photo 1
photo 4

I rocked out with the Minwax Bombay Mahogany stain! Then beat it up a little bit to give it that rugged farmhouse look. I even kept some of the stamps and markings.



Now for the rest of the room…



One comment on “The Ultimate Desk Project

  1. Aunt Mikki
    January 3, 2014

    Beautiful! I’m somewhat inspired:)

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