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The End Tables: Accepting the Process

I will readily admit to sometimes being a “quick fix” girl. I usually want to get in, get whatever “it” is done, and get out. So one of the more significant lessons I’m getting from these DIY projects is the importance of THE PROCESS. Cutting wood, painting, staining etc. etc. all takes time. I can’t rush through it…especially if I want the outcome to match my intentions. And so it goes with life…

So anyway…as you know, with some assistance from Hubby, I’ve basically put together an entirely new bedroom suite. We built our bed and I repurposed a dresser we’d had forever. The final thing we needed was some narrow end tables (we have limited space on either side of our bed because of the way it’s positioned). I wanted to find something that had shelves or drawers because I always have a stack of books, magazines, note pads, iPads and whatnot next to the bed.

So at a local antique and used furniture shop, I found these pretty raggedy, particle board tables. A quick search on my phone and I found out that yes, you can paint over laminate/particle board and make a cheap-o piece look much better. So for $14 bucks total I bought the tables and, as usual, they sat for a while until I could get the time work on them.

But I finally did. They’re done. Here’s the journey:

photo 1-2

So it was your basic Laminate/Particle board table but with a really cool wrought iron design on the front of the cabinet (which I removed in order to do my work) and a nice design.

photo 2-2

I lightly sanded them (you can’t sand laminate much because well umm, it’s not wood. It will buckle and look all weird). Then I primed them. You need primer in order to make the paint stick to the shiny cheap-o surface.

photo 3-2

After letting the primer dry overnight, I painted the tables white. I contemplated going with the norway aqua blue that I used on our bed and dresser but I thought that would be overkill. I like a little diversification. LOL!

photo 4-2

After letting the coats of paint dry, I beat the table up a bit (with the sander, a hammer, pruners, whatever) in order to give that shabby, farmhouse look. I then added a light coating of Minwax stain (Provincial) to again, give it that aged, used look. Yes, I meant to do that! LOL!


And there you go!

I’m still getting used to having to WAIT for a project to be done…but I’m sorta getting the hang of this process thing. Hope it translates elsewhere in my life.



One comment on “The End Tables: Accepting the Process

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