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Back with the “Big Girl Bed”

I’ve been working, I’ve been working… *in my Beyonce’ voice*

So yeah, I know it’s been a little desolate over on Restoration Avenue. My apologies, sirs and madams. Interestingly enough, my lack of posting is not an indication of my lack projects. In fact, I have at least two, maybe three finished DIY/repurpose projects that I will be putting on here.

So throw back your drapes, open the windows, and let the cool DIY breeze take you away like Calgon.

Eh. Kinda corny, I know.


My baby isn’t a baby anymore. At almost three years old, my daughter constantly reminds me of this. And part of her transition from baby to big girl included leaving the quality, high-priced, we-tried-to-get-every-bit-of-time-out-of-it crib and moving on to a regular bed.

So hubby and I thought, Shoot, we built our bed so OF COURSE we’ll make K’s bed. Well, actually only I thought that. My husband just comes along for the crazy ride.

Pinterest and DIY Blogs to the rescue! Forever looking for easy and simple I found a great pallet twin bed design over HERE and decided to go for it. Here it goes:


Two pallets on which we screwed three 2x4s. (you may have to one more 2×4 depending on the condition of your pallets for support) My little tweetie bird helped out a little.


Sanded and stained (make sure you sand well to avoid prickly things and screaming toddlers) WHAT’S NOT PICTURED: We added wheels on the bed. The kind with brakes. Because toddlers always need brakes.


And after drying fully, we added a great ikea mattress (because it wasn’t too thick) and a new comforter set.

And guess what?! She’s only fallen out of the bed once!





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