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“Vanity” is Not All Bad, Is It?

Oh hush! I know it’s been a while. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on stuff. I have. And I have plenty of stuff to show you for the next few months.

The one thing I know for sure about all my DIY adventures is that while I’m building something or repurposing items, something happens inside me. I’m not trying to sound super spooky but I suppose as a creative, that’s the risk you take. When I build/repurpose, I feel like I too am being transformed and repurposed. For “greater works than these…” I can more clearly see the overhaul that God is doing in my own life when I’m working on these projects. It’s more metaphorical then I could have ever imagined.

So….here’s a project I worked on earlier last year. I wanted a cool, retro vanity and began to look for old desks to make my vision a reality. I went to one of my fav antique/odds and ends spot ands found this raggedy table for $15

photo 1-2

Stripped the top which was already jacked up…

photo 2-3

primed it, painted it black, and then beat it up like a prize fighter. I kept the original hardware but just painted them red. I now have my shabby chic vanity. (Yes, that’s a wig…don’t judge me.)


The mirror was my grandmothers and was originally green before I spray painted it black to match the other decor. It came with sconces but I haven’t decided if I want to put those up—could be too dramatic, very Morticia-ish (If you are over 35, you know who Morticia is.)

My next task is to find a wonderful chair or bench to go with it…or make one!

Keep creating,



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