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On the Web: Just call me the Bag Lady (in your Erykah Badu voice)

Seriously, I screamed out loud when I came across this site. What? Free patterns for BAGS! Cute bags! Big bags! Bags, Bags, Baaaaaags!

*takes a breath*

Okay. I’m back.

See what you must understand about me is I love a good bag. Purses, messengers, backpacks, drawstrings, whatever! I have a lot of stuff I carry around with me so bags are my thing. And yes, I realize there’s some metaphor for life hidden there, some super-deep representation of how I might live my life embedded in my bag fetish but ummm….yeah…I’m ignoring that today. *shrug*

Nevertheless, click the image below to go over to UCreate and check out the patterns for some super cute bags and let me know what you think!



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